Vodacom Complaints - My “Nightmare on Vodacom street”

I have logged an electronic complaint to Vodacom on the 5th of March and have not received feedback even though I have phoned numerous times as well. I entered into a 24 month contract on the iPhone 6 @ R299. My biggest mistake was to place an order online. I placed the order on Monday the 18th of February’18 and the phone was delivered on Wednesday the 20th of February’18. I took the phone and my iWatch to Cellucity in Walmer Park, Port Elizabeth for a data transfer and pairing. They kept it overnight and the following day, Thursday the 21st of February I fetched the phone at about 5pm. The following day, Friday the 22nd (if this was Friday the 13th I would’ve maybe thought there was a jinx), at 10am the phone just died and stayed locked on the apple icon screen. I took the phone that afternoon back to Cellucity and they referred me to Vodacom Repairs in Greenacres. As it was closing time I drove all the way to Greenacres the following day, Saturday the 23rd. They were also reluctant to take the phone in but they did. Okay, they will phone me the following week, which off course didn’t happen either. I phoned and left messages many times, numerous times but I received no response on any of these messages I left.

On Monday the 5th of March, 2 weeks after the online order and 12 days from receiving the phone, I still had no answer, I had no phone and I was paying a contract.

I again phoned Vodacom repairs and they told me they are waiting for a credit note, the more I tried to explain that the credit note has nothing to do with me, the more they advised me they are awaiting the credit note. After I insisted that she makes sure they haven’t received anything, the credit note miraculously surfaced. (how long is was lying in that pile of papers I do not know), I asked for the value of the credit note and she gave me a value. I then asked her the price of a new iPhone 6, which off course the value was higher that the credit note so she informed me I need to pay money in, about R600+ - and please note “I need to pay money in on a handset that I have on a contract . I told her it is a CONTRACT and not a cash deal, she still had no idea what I was talking about. I asked her for cancellations’ telephone number, which she gave to me instantly (I wonder why?)

On the 7th of March I received a call from Vodacom to please rate the service I received, when I told the operator I’m considering cancelling the contract she put the phone down in my ear!

So on the 5th as I mentioned in the beginning I logged the online complaint. I received the following email: “Dear Customer, Thank you for your e-mail communication received. Your reference number is EC-1J82-2FNXFH,
In light of our commitment to service excellence and continuous improvement in supporting our customers, our promise is to attend to all e-mails within 24 hours.
Please note the underlined wording…. According to me, Vodacom is not honouring that promise to me as a customer as none of the above happened, or applies to me as a customer – so not quite sure to which “customers’ Vodacom is referring too.

I phoned cancellations on the 6th of March and the agent/operator promised me 2gb of data a month for the period of the contract and well as free caller identity. I decided to carry on with the contract – My mistake in believing this service provider. Please note I still had no phone and this was a month after ordering the phone, he said a phone will be couriered and I should get it between 3-5 working days, he will try for 3 days, off course didn’t happen, I only received the phone on the 5th day which was the 14th of March (obviously prioritizing/escalation is not an option) and after 4 weeks I eventually had a phone. I took it back to Cellucity for data transfer and pairing, off course had to pay (luckily only half price) for a new screen protector (as I wasted the money I spent on the screen protector of the ‘dud’ phone). I just want to add that the staff of Celllucity are very helpful.

I phoned Vodacom customer service a couple of times, since receiving the phone, to enquire about the validity of the 2gb data and I was assured, every time, that it is effective from April. April started and once again Vodacom did not honour their promise to me as a customer (by now this is not strange anymore)

I still have no 2gb data, I am billed for 2 handsets and I have a current “Bill so far” of R5322.82!

I phoned Vodacom again on the 3rd of April, the operator escalated my query on the above and promised it will be attended to within 72 hours – off course this did not happen. Cellucity assisted me and phone Vocacom customer care for me on Saturday the 7th of April, the operator told me they are still investigating – what are they investigating if they are the reason for this chaos while I as customer must just be patient – HOW MUCH LONGER VODACOM?????? That operator told me it takes 5-7 working days and not 72 hrs as per the previous agent – WHICH IS THE CORRECT INFORMATION VODACOM???????????

Today is the 10th of April ( a week short of 2 months!!) and I still haven’t received any feedback, still without the data, still with a double handset bill and still with an account of R5322.82.

And oh yes, I am not allowed to cancel the contract without paying penalties……………seriously??????????????

Why offer a service, On-line, if this causes more problems than solutions!


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