Mamelodi hospital Complaints - Negligence

My 3month old niece was admitted to mamelodi hospital a week ago after being transferes by a local clinic, on the 15th of august we found the baby with bruises on the face and blood traces in the nostrils.when we asked the nurses what had happened we were then told that another baby had apparently jumped out of his cot and went into my nieces cot and started bitting her on the face. When we asked how that was even possible that a 2year old toddler jump out of a locked cot we were told that an incident like these had occured in the past. We then asked why an infant can be put in the same ward as toddlers we were told that the hospital has a shortage of space and beds and even thou they said this had happened in the past yet they still put them together putting the baby at risk. The doctor on duty that day admitted that the hospital was wrong to put the beds together however they still refuse to take responsibility for the incident.where were the nurses on duty when all of this happened? We were discouraged from reporting to the department beacuse they said the department is well aware of the situation in the hospital. Now if the dept can not help, who do we turn to for answers? My niece sustained injuries and and has not healed but she was discharged
from the hospital.I am very angry at the hospiatl and need them to take responsibility for their actions

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