Vodacom Complaints - No/Bad Signal Handset and internet

We are RED PACKAGE customers with Vodacom and are running our business totally on our Vodacom phones. We have no landlines as we are on the road often working for a Botswana company and our office is in Moroletapark, Pretoria. We have recently moved to Moroletapark and noticed that we do not have Vodacom signal where our office is. I have discussed this with our neighbour and they said that they had the same problem and their network supplied them with a signal booster. Free of charge... The frustration I am having with Vodacom is that even our internet is with Vodacom. Try and run a business like this??? I have to run out into the garden into the street to get a customer to hear me. Sometimes the signal is so bad, that I cannot even get a whattsapp message through. Customers phoning me cannot get through and want to know why my phone is off. This is extremely frustrating!!!! I have to rely on phone calls to make a living and this is damaging my SA business very very badly!!! It is like a shop closing its doors or not answering their calls. I have recently upgraded our contracts and I am so sorry that I have done this!!! So so sorry!!! I have reported this problem to Vodacom Customer Care and was informed that I would be contacted within two to three days where my signal would be tested. I was then phoned a week ago, being informed that Vodacom is aware of the problem that their is bad or NO signal in that area where my office is in Moroletapark. They will be building a new tower in the coming year... IS THIS A JOKE!!!!! In the new year??????? And in the mean time I have three expensive contracts with them but have no service. What am I paying for? If I cannot speak to my customers Vodacom, I will soon not be able to pay you for a service I do not get? I have asked the lady that phoned me that if I pay for a service that I do not receive, surely they can, (like the network my neighbour is with) supply us with a signal booster so that we can at least make and receive calls. I was told that they are so sorry, but they have no more signal boosters as they had all been handed out. They are so sorry but I will have to wait for the new tower to be built. In the meantime, I am paying for a service I do not receive, I run a business without communication and run around outside my office like a joke, trying to hear every third word of a customer. I am extremely frustrated and will leave no stone unturned to get this sorted. Vodacom, this is a shame! I have been with you for years and years. I am also cancelling my one Vodacom contract that is expiring end soon, to go to a network where we are important. How must I run my business with no internet and no reception on two Vodacom lines????? I pay for service I do not get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon I will not be able to pay you guys. Just so that you know! To all the people in Moroletapark area, please do not take out a VODACOM contract. ~Try Telkom or MTN. They actually care. Vodacom identifies the problem, admits that there is bad or even no signal and then tell you they are out of signal boosters and will build a tower next year. In the meantime your business is suffocating due to not being available for customers. I am in sales, without communication. I am very very dissappointed VODACOM!!!!!!!

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