Oinvest Complaints - No Cutomer service

For a week and a half the Company phoned me to get me to join after I expressed interest because of an ad after a phone call. They phoned me every day at least 3 - 4 times. I joined on Monday 1 April. They wanted R3500 to start with and I payed that over. They asked weather I knew anything about trading and I said no. They got a "trading manager" to get me started. When I started to ask questions about certain aspects I got a blunt replay "I don't have enough money. Not answering my question at all. For 2 days I watch this graft going the wrong way. I phoned many times to hear what I must do next, I sent about a dozen emails. The replay is always they will get back to me.My deduction is that they get people to pay in their money and then use it for their own tradings, so as far as I am concerned it is a scam. Next if you don't get out of a buying situation, they want more money. DO NOT Do business with this company Oinvest. They don't even bother to replay to my emails anymore. BE WARNED

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