No More Debt Office Complaints - NO MORE DEBT CENTURION

Beginning 2014 I contacted No More Debt to assist with a voluntary sequestration process.

I signed a debit order and my account was credited for 18 months and end 2015 I payed them R56 000 and they were supposed to pay this money over to the Trustees om my account upon request of the Trustee (I have a court order to this affect)

October 2017 I contacted the Trustee to enquire about the finalizing of my L&D account only to find out that since 2014 not one cent was paid over to the Trustee even after numerous requests, they are totally ignored.

I have tried everything and No More Debt even accused the Lawyers who brought my application of unethical behavior. They stated that the lawyers was paid all the funds and that they were supposed to pay over to the Trustee.

Needless to say I believed them and confronted the law firm only to hear they were only paid their fees and subsequently provided me with proof.

When confronted by this NMD “discovered” about R17 000 and paid that over to my trustee from the personal account of Mrs Odendaal’s personal credit card account (CEO Jacques Odendaal’s wife)

Several weeks later I was able to collect another R8000

The total was still about R30 000 shy of the amount I paid them and they undertook to pay to the Trustee

I’ve tried 2 – 3 times a day to get in contact with Jacques Odendaal but he was never in the office or available and my e-mails got ignored;

Only when I demanded per e-mail that the amount that he signed surety for in the application and was asked for by the Trustee, be paid or that I will be forced to take this further he told me to “get a life”.

To date Jacques Odendaal tried to "settle" directly with me if I do not help the other people who has similar issues with this company and that I stop all actions against them.

Then I was promised that they will make a immediate payment to the Trustee once again and as per their modus operandi they now ignore all calls and e-mails.

There should be investigations into their business practises as they do not even honor court applications.

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