My husband passed away on the 12.10.2016 and still i havent received my pension money yet. He was more of less 23 years in the police and he paid the house, ect. Now i just have my small salary which i must live with and the police dont seem to care. All the paperwork was done a day and 2 after his death. April 2017 i got a phone call that i must do the paperwork of the pension money over again, the due date have expire, someone didnt do the neccessary steps to handle my pension money. In the mean while they were waiting for some outstanding documents because my husband was divorced in 2002, i send the same letter from the 7th of December 2016 which i asked from the high court because my husband is dead, i cant ask him where those forms is and his x wife dont have it as well. Everytime they keep asking for the same letter and every time i keep sending the same letter from high court. The police seem to dont want to do their work, i must do it for them. A while ago i asked them if they dont have a legal department to get the paperwork they want and then all of the sudden after how many months they got it. Now still there is an error every now and then. I am struggling to survive with just my salary, i dont know what the new error is or how long is still have to wait to get the pension money.. There are people who are helpfull but my pension money seems to be a problem, i dont know when this will be sorted. The police take their time

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