Cell C Complaints - No and poor service

I received a bill for GPRS roaming while overseas in June. I phoned Cell C to sort this out because I never used my phone for internet while there (R826). It is nearly 5 months later now. Mr Mbongeni phoned me ones to tell me he will investigate and get back to me. They cant sort out any account problems and NO client service at all. Very quick to take your money every month but feel nothing for customers.

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Minnie ( on 02/07/15 )

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Of the panoply of website I've pored over this has the most veayritc.

Baran ( on 03/07/15 )

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Helen,"As someone who is dinelag with intense computer-induced back and hip pain."How did you come to the conclusion that your back and hip pain is 'computer enduced'? I have suffered many bouts of severe back pain over the last 30 years including slipped disks 4 times over. Happy to give you some tips if you wish. Best thing for me is good physio/massage and exercise. Failing that. Strong pain killers.

Puro ( on 05/07/15 )

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I know exactly what kind of ciokoes those are because we make the same ones here at home. And I always twist, but sometimes pretzel shapes show up too. Happy new year and Epiphany!

} Cell C ( on 05/06/17 )

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