Funky tights Complaints - no product received no response

my sister in law placed our order on 18 May 2017
received excuse for the delays on 14 July 2017 from Funky tights for not receiving the tights.

My sister in law followed up again 13 July 2017 and on 14 July 2017 funky tights advised they were waiting for the shipment from customs.
on 21 August 2017 my sister in law e mailed funky tights for a refund as we have not received the product or follow up response.
my sister in law followed up again on 28 August 2017. No response.
I followed up on 29 August 2017 advising Funky tights we wanted a refund. I sent another follow up mail on 5 September 2017 advising Funky tights if I had no response by 07 September 2017 I was taking the matter further. no response to date

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