I have a contract with mtn started early this year my mobile number is 0625158139.

I want to know how far my complaint is and the balance on my account.

I spoek to so many managers

First i spoke to dillon

Nurisha and the chantelle i have not received any feedback my line is barred and im an taking legal action and gong to telecommunications Ombudsman ..please refer my complaint to higher management as your company can get fined BIG as i have asked to many times to call me back send me confirmation emails agents dropping calls managers not keeping their promise and NOT LOGGING MY COMPLAINT.

Data was added on my account without my consent every time i ask if my complaint is log the agent or the manager would say no and no notes logged on the system I asked for nurisha to listen to the call..she just apologised, 1 agent told me they customer service they don’t log complaints i need to go to the store..pathetic.

I called up the next day when a checked my balance it was 999.9megs. The agent advised its fine i can just pay it the next month. That’s unacceptable as they added this without my consent and had to remove this as this was their error. The manager and the agent advised me that they can’t remove the gig as it was already used. I told the agent that i did not use or request for it and if your data is on it automatically consumes it.

No complaint raised and i requested this to be done. Called up for feedback and spoke to the manager called Nurisha and she advised that there’s no complaint non notes ..regardless of all the other agents i spoke to before her that never left any of this notes. I then asked Nurisha to listen to all my calls from the start of my contract she gave me a sla of 48 hours and she will respond via email. I called after 2 weeks she advise me she forgot about it and she’s human and then put me on a long hold and did the call listening whilst i was on the line. She came back advising se will deal with the agents’ internally and she apologises for their behaviour and she’s sorry for not coming back to me and not logging my complaint. Pathetic ’’this is a so called team leader’’. She acknowledge the customer service was bad and she’s sorry i asked her to raise a complaint otherwise i want to speak to her manger and raise a complaint as i have been back and forth no feedback no agent notes on the system and i was billed for their error was promised it was gna be credited and i asked to be compensated and credit the balance on my invoice she advise no they can only credit the error as by adding the 1 gg and 50 megs..i was upset and asked her to go to her manager and request this to be done and i will only pay my account once i have received proper customer service and that they are going to credit my balance..

Months has passed and guess what still NO FEEDBACK FROM THE MANAGER , HIGHER MANGER..

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