Afrihost Complaints - No service Delivery but we will bill you for cancellation

I placed a Fiber Service order with Afrihost early in early July 2018 after confirming that Openserve have completed installations of the infrastructure in our complex.

I received my hardware and Afrihost' confirmation of order with Openserve (20 July 2018).

Now in September I have had the Afrihost Hardware for nearly two months (still sealed in the original courier package) and still no fiber connection.

I have notified Afrihost repeatedly that there is clear and direct collusion by Telkom and Openserve, which they have just ignored even with my request for escalation. I did however receive numerous "Afrihost Service Requests" follow-ups from Telkom regarding my dropped service - Note that my phone number was linked to physical addresses as far afield as Durban.

I have now finally cancelled my Afrihost contract based on non-delivery and they have the gall to want to charge me for the hardware after I have informed them to collect the package which is still sealed.

I refuse to pay anything to Afrihost, based on their total failure to deliver any service and their lack of integrity to address the issues raised.

Just for confirmation: Openserve has been conducting installation of fiber to numerous units in my complex from the installed system in our complex, as long as the Service Provider is Telkom. I have confirmation from the Body Corporate as well as fiber users and have physically seen the installations being conducted from the manhole in front of my garage. All this has been communicated to Afrihost, Telkom and Openserve.

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