Tshwane Water and Sanitation Complaints - No service - water outage for more than 3 days

Tshwane - Water and Sanitation do not respond to complaints. On Friday evening the water supply in Wonderboom South got interrupted and it was reported and a reference nr with a promise to call back and update was provided, needless to say, there was no call, on Monday morning at 8:30am after a weekend without any water, it was reported again and again a reference number was provided, at 4:30pm on Monday we called to check on progress, and was told a tech was assigned to investigate, today Tuesday, still no call, no feedback and no water. Some officials was trying to tell us that the reservoir was to low to provide water and that could have been the case on Friday and Saturday, however the reservoir would have filled up over the last 48 hours since no one in the area can use water and there should be some water supply. I have emailed customer care and the city planners listed on Tshwane's website - no response - they cannot be bothered to react, to step up and give honest correct information so that the people paying for the services know what is going on.

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