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During 2015 i applied for a loan via the above company. Additional to the loan they would provide a legal service to me.

The loan application never happened but i continued to get bills from them. I requested proof that they applied for a loan - failing which i will not pay any accounts.

I also were willing to pay providing that i get an attorney on speed dial. When i needed an attorney they simply never returned my calls and emails.

I then requested clarity on what am i paying for? I requested a loan - they couldnt provide proof that they applied. I requested legal assistance and i got no assistance.

I then requested that summons be served on me so we can go to court, as this almost seems like a scam where people pay just so that they are not blacklisted. I never received a summons but received this disturbing mail this morning.

If they provided the service i contacted them for - i would have no problem paying them.

Pls advise me what i should do. Do i report this to the law society? Do i open a criminal case? Do i request my own attorney to take the matter up and claim costs? Google this company and see for yourself how many people had the exact same experience. Services were not rendered but the people were threatened and eventually blacklisted without the option to go to court.

Your advise pls

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Janniep ( on 07/03/18 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

Hi. They have sent me a soppy message giving me advice that I would have to explain my absence to my family, work and then stand in along queue at the court in the case of a court summons and that I can make payment arrangements to avoid all that. THEY ARE THIEFS! I want to bring them down with everybody suing them at once. How can we get everybody to agree and get their money back?

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