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Bidvest – Worse than SOEs, in paying suppliers/sub-contractors

For the past two years we have been doing jobs for Bidvest Facilities Management at their project sites as a subcontractor. They are very hasty in pushing you to do job but when it comes to payment, they just do not pay on time. They promise a 15 days turn- around time and only pay after 45 days or even 60 days.

The sad thing is that they invoice the client get paid, keep the money and only pay you whenever they want. They do not respond to emails timeously even when you escalate the issue to the client with hope that they would listen and respond, nothing happens. Because of their size and financial muscle they get big contracts and outsource smaller jobs to small enterprises like us, just to tick the enterprise development box, only to suffocate you with non-payment.

We did a few jobs for them in July 2019 which they promised to pay end of July (in writing), nothing happened , they then promised to pay on August 15, 2019 when the client intervened, again no payment, no communication no response to emails. They just don’t care. They are just incompetent. Big clients/companies that enlist their services are just fooled by their size and what they promise on paper

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