I am pensioner who get pension monthly from GEPF since 2012.I get paid at my wa bank. the last payment was paid on the 30th November 2018 December payment was not paid. GEPF claims that my bank account was closed and the money was returned to them I went to find out from the bank on the o2 January 2019. I was told that my account was active a proof of 3 months statement was issued. I by faxed it to GEPF, they acknowledge receipt by SMS. I then to called GEPF ,a few times, and talked to different people like on the,02/01/19 M Akhane , on 07/01/19,T Khoega ,on 15/01/19,S.Khwela,on 23/01/19,M.Moekepisi I get no joy,they tell me the same lies that my bank account is closed,despite the proof I sent to them. I have not received my money up to now. They send me from post to pillar, they refuse to let me talk to their managers.I need the money,I feel very disadvantaged and depent on my pension money,and they dont care.

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CoetzerLynette ( on 04/10/19 )

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