Motor happy Complaints - Not answering the phones and no feedback on emails

Good day,

I would like to lodge a complain regarding the above mentioned company rendering a bad service to me as a loyal paying client.

Motor Happy employees never answers the phones. All you hear is an answering machine stating that "your call is important to us" but it doesn't make sense and i have tried more than 10 times and all calls go more than 30min with the answering machine saying the same thing.
Then i have decided to send emails to them they took 3 days to respond but still no assistance about what i need.

My problem is my car is due for service to an extend that i cant drive it anymore it is parked. I have informed them when the car was due for 105000 service and the response from one of the employees was that i can still drive for additional 2500km. Now the additional kilos are reached as well i have to park the car. After trying to follow up i was informed that my license disc reflecting the VIN Number was never submitted. I took a picture and send it as an attachment. On the body of the email i then requested when can i take the car for service/authorization?? The response i got was just saying "THANK YOU WE RECEIVED YOUR LICENSE DISK WITH YOUR VIN NUMBER"!!! I am still very shocked till now. And i am having a car that i cannot drive due to lack of good customer service.

I am really disappointed by the bad service.

Your assistance will be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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