fnb Complaints - not received money from ewallet

I am totaly frastrated with the service i have received from FNB A friend deposited money to me through the FNB Ewallet I did not recieve it the atm made a noise as if the money was coming out and it never came out. The incident hapened on the 24th july 2018 and I called them same time of the incident. They said they will resend me the new pin in 24h00 of which Inever recieved it.

I called them again after 24h00 on the 26th of July 2018. Mpho said she will send the matter for invinstigation to admi department. From that time I have to call the at my expense to check the progrees. I have never even once recieved any sort of communique from fnb. everytime when I call I get to speak to different people and they all say the matter is still being invistigated.

Could you kindly assist me into getting my money back from fnb because I am realy frustrated now and servive i am recieving is very poor.

The reference for this complain that they gave is 531789. Numerous calls I have made and fnb does not keep in contact to update me on my complain to them

Kindly intervene because I really need to have my money back becuase simingly their atm was faulty as the security guard that works at the shop next to the atm indicated that on that same day the atm was faulty when we asked her after the incident.

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