Telcom Company Complaints - Not received my refund

MY Name is Olona Basi.on the 14th of October I took a cell phone contract with Telkom and they debited an amount of R749 from my bank account on 16 October 2019 and promised to deliver the cellphone within 4 working days I waited for the delivery and the cellphone was delivered on 24 October 2019 but the courier could not give me the cellphone because on the parcel they wrote incorrect address to rica the simcard insead of 437 they wrote 427 so the address on the package must be exactly the same as the proof of address I was giving him. so he went back with the cellphone and I called Telkom and told them what happened and they apologised and said the cellphone will be delivered again next week Thursday which will be the 31 October 2019 and I told them I cannot wait that long I ordered a cellphone because I needed and so I will go to any cellphone store and buy another phone they must cancel the contract and refund me my money as I don't need the cellphone from them anymore, I cancelled the contract on the 24th of October and they said I will get my refund in the next 7 working days, I called them on the 6th of November 2019 to check when am I getting my money they said they still investigating the case and the will notify me once the investigation is done. on the 7th of November 2019 I received an SMS saying that my query has been resolved and gave me a case number which is 30829355. on the 12th of November I called them again to check my refund I was told that the refund was processed on the 7th of November it is going to take 7-10 working but until today I haven't received my money I don`t know the reason , please help me you are my last hope

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