JVDS Auto Complaints - Not received the keys yet

I bought a Citroen C2 on 11 August 2018. The dealer did not give us the original key. We have tried for nearly 4 weeks now to get keys. The car is NOT in use because it can't lock and we cant risk driving and parking because it can be stolen. The dealer also did not disclose the faults on the car and now we can't register it on our names as it is not considered roadworthy. We've been back to the dealership several times, we've phoned continiuosly and whats up messages was exchanged countlessly but they don't respond. I've written a letter to the dealer pointing out under the CPA they sold us a car for the purpose of driving it, BUT we are not driving it, as it can't lock and is not roadworthy due to the undisclosed faults. The dealer VELDE VAN DER MERWE was very rude over the phone and off no help. He at one stage offered to pay for half of the cost for a new key, but then got angry because I tried pointing out the other faults and he then said he will not help me. I took to the car to have it checked out and found lots of problems, THESE problems was not disclosed by the dealer and he doesn't acknowledge these and says it is not his problem. This is bad service and dealers like this should be exposed

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