Telkom Complaints - Not what i have signed up for

I have been contacted by Moby telkom for a cellphone deal for the amount of R179 per phone per month so the total was R358pm. Now Telkom have sent me a bill for R716.00 for proratat billing and i do not know what else. But i went back to Telkom and Mondo Telkom and noby can confirm or give me paperwork for where and when I have agreed to for R716.00 per month. I do not have that type of money to be deducted and i did not give anyone permission for more than R358.00 per month. Their sales pitch and end billing do not match. How do i go from here.

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jakkie hees ( on 09/10/19 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

Hi, you wont believe me, i am just so furious, the same happened to my husband. i am busy know to look where can i report them, because i am not going to pay the extra money. i started complain from the end of May 2019 when my first debit order went of. With luck i get hold of them today. now the consultant told me they are going to blacklist my husband if i do not pay a R1700.00 for the return of my debit orders. Please can anybody assist me - what must i do.

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