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I was highly disgusted for the way I was treated at pick n pay firstly I stood by the toy machine cause my son wanted a toy that was on Sunday the 29/09/2019 @18:35 the security ask me what's wrong I said the toy didn't cum out of the machine but I came from spur and he won a toy there but wanted another one security said I should speak to the manager the manager advice me to speak to the supervisor after waiting for the supervisor until she's done with whatever she was doing she finally looked at me not asking me what's wrong I explain to her guess what she have a nerve to ask me why does my son have a toy in his hand if I didn't get the toy from the machine oh calling your customers thief's now I was highly upset that's not all for a supervisor she goes to her staff and speaks in Xhosa about me saying I am shouting at her didn't know I have Xhosa frnds with me I was highly upset is this how u treat ur customers for real than shes a supervisor would like feed back 0815749135

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NADEEMA 2020 ( on 01/10/19 )

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im sick of how you get treated in these shops I just want you as the owner of these shops to get a hidden camera and c what customer service mean to these people they will eat bubble gum in ur face they will speak in languages you don't understand pathetic they think nothing of us

aneeq1101 ( on 09/10/19 )

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until today nobody vcalled me back or even emaild me

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