Foschini Complaints - One on One Contract Sim Swop

Sim swop application completed at Foschini Kenilwoth Centre on 4-01-2017 with activation time frame being given as 24/48 hours. On 6-01-2017 the one on one call centre was contacted due to sim swop activation bein unsuccessful only to be advised that the sim details on the application was incorrect. Upon providing the correct details was advised that the activation will take between 2 to 12 hours, this again did not happen. Call centre contacted again on 9,10,11 January 2017 basically to be advised that the problem sits with the Service Provider and that One to One hands are tied as the only means of communicainge with the Service Provider is through e mail escalation processwhich takes 24/48 hours. In the interim one has to remove the Sim card and battery,basically reboot the phone and hope for the best. I had a lengthy convesation with the Call centre agent and then subsequently the Supervisor on 11-01-2017 with no joy at all as the staff member that assited on 6-01-2017 is on leave and provided incorrect information for activation of the sim swop. Staff member that assisted on 10-01-2017 on one days leave no access to responses that were escalated to the Service Provider. a query has again been escalated with the Service Provider on 11-01-2017 and one has to wait for another 24/48 hours (13-01-2017) for resolution. A simple sim swop process that was requested on 4-01-2017 has not been resolved to date how can this be acceptable in terms of service. My personal view is that this is shocking service and i am extremely disappointed with the handling of this request and subsequent query

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