Unisa Complaints - online registration for university malfunction

Unisa has no telephonic complaints line, they have abolished telephonic complaints lines for email complaints - to which they do not reply in time and many students'problems go unsolved.
Unisa's service has(in the last 10 years)steadily gone from outstanding to disgraceful.
Does Unisa online registration even exist?
I registered online, paid my deposit for modules, just to be notified I was not registered -the system failed to register me. They apologise for the inconvenience and you can just register next semester.The study course I am taking has a deadline as it is going to be scrapped. Do Unisa understand that their poor administrative functioning impacts on students lives? We are studying to improve our lives and it costs us dearly, on many levels including financially. So, because their online system failed at registering me, I will have some module credits when the degree gets abolished and not be able to get the degree? What must I do with credits for modules and no degree. Are Unisa officials prepared to tell me where to now with these credits for modules and where they will be acknowledged without completion of the degree?
Further evidence of how slack Unisa have become- late delivery of study material because now you cannot get your study material when you register in person - the courier will deliver it. Study material was so late last year that the University had to extend assignment dealine dates. Previous system of collecting study material when you register in person worked well. Courier - extra cost which the student has to absorb, of course.
Received marked assignments after the exams - I needed to have those marked assignments to prep for exams! Spelling errors galore in study materials, also.
Unisa is dropping the ball big time! Think the Minister of Education should launch an investigation into the functioning of this University and its poor systems!

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