Cell C Complaints - Overcharged and Bad Service

I have an account with Cell C and worked through the Cell C franchise at Riverside Mall in Nelspruit Mpumalanga, I reside in Lydenburg Mpumalanga which is a round trip of 200kilometers. I lost my cellphone and purchased another cell phone and did a simswap to continue using my Cell C account. I went to Cell Cin Nelspruit (there is not a franchise in Lydenburg) and wanted to start a contract for my wife and them to upgrade my own to a better package. The consultant that served us gave my wife what they call the epic 200 contract where she would receive airtime of R200.00 per month and there was an additional charge of R7.50 in order to get unlimited whatsapp. I requested that the contract that I had be upgraded to the same. What we did not realize at the time was that the consultant gave and activated my wifes cellphone on the epic 200 with immediate effect and that they continues my old account as it was, then activated a new account under a new number for me on the epic 200 but thatcthis was dated to step into place 4 months later when the old contract ended.well the first months billing came and we were relatively happy, thinking that the higher bill was as a result of the additional contract for my wifes cellphone and because of activation and so forth. The second month came along and we were concerned as I did not received the monthly airtime as I should and once again made a trip to Nelspruit to enquire about this. The same consultant explained to usthat it was because I was still on the old package deal and that it would end in another 3 months and only then would my contract be the same as my sifes, however, we would need to come back in three months time to physically end the contract?? we found this to be weird and questioned the consultant, he became aggressive and shouted at us. We found this to be unacceptable and asked to see the manager, the manager came and enquired from us as to what was going on and we tried to explain to him but the consultant outshouted us, whilst chewing gum with his mouth open and speaking to his colleagues and passers by instead of listening and explaining properly. The manager just shrugged and said that we had to listen to the consultant. I asked for the number and contact details of the Franchise owner and have repeatedly called and left messages for him to call us back, but to no avail. I called the Cell C call centre and complained about this service and advised them that I was unhappy about their service and that I would stop paying the account until the mess was sorted out. An account that should have been in the region of R450.00 per month escalated to over R700.00 and then to close to R1000.00. With that typr of contract I could have the top of the range handsets and boundless airtime etc, but instead got sub standard handsets that after 5 months of use just froze and died. Since the non payment of the account and the fact that Cell C ha e not sorted out the problem, I have now been handed over to Shabir Sheik Defries attorneys and have been blacklisted. As a result of bad service I cannot obtain any cresit facilities and am now sitting with attorneys that contact and harass me daily and this increases the outstanding amount constantly. I less than a year the amount has escalated to R10 000.00. I am a pensioner and I certainly do not feel that it is fair on me that I have to pay for the consultants error and worse the abuse we had to endure from him.

It would be appreciated if this matter can be investigated and that my credit worthiness can be restored.

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