Telkom Mobile Complaints - overcharging on debit order

Telkom keeps kon charging me double the amount for rejected debit order that was never debited, 1st i had a complaint whereby there was money in my bank account but they charged me double and never said that the debit order was rejected the matter was setlled again they are charging double the amount which i dont owe as there was no debit that went off my account, they say i owe them R600 when i had an e-mal fron one of the managers that said i owed R198.70 which they did not debit on the 1st of april 2019 i then made a manual payment myself on the 2nd when i saw that they did not debit today i received a statement that says i owe R600 i queried the amount the manager comes back say i owe R400 which i dont know where it comes from also they dont want me to make manual payment as i had requested to do so, i have all the e-mails communication i had with them and i am still being overcharged for something i don't know

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