I had a contract with Mtn which later i settled (2016), upon settling the account i was informed that the account will be closed.To my surprise when i checked my ITC 31/08/2017, MTN is still reflecting on my profile with a legal status, how is it that the account has a legal status yet no one called to inform me that there was an outstanding amount, on which act was this account handed over? I took it upon myself to call and find out how this matter can be resolved but non of the call agents know what to do, i've been transfered to different departments with no help what so ever. i requested that they provide me with the contact number for the legal department of which the line is dead, Mapule the call agent told me she doesn't know how she can help me because shes not from the legal department. i was then informed that en email will be sent for legal department to contact me within 24-48 hrs, but till today no one has called its been almost a week. i still have no idea how my account was handed over, this has affected my ITC and will affect my future credit application. MTN is the worst service provider, their staff is incompetent and do not care about client service or let alone satisfying customer needs. If this matter is not attend to, i will take it up further with the ombudsman.Someone has to be held accountable for this.

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