SA Post Office Complaints - Parcel stil at JHB INT Mail Centre (HUB)

I am waiting for a parcel that has been sent to me from Canada. The parcel arrived at Jhb International Mail Centre (Hub) on 20 September 2017. The same day it was sent to Customs and was received back from Customs by Jhb International Mail Centre (Hub) on 29 September 2017. The last tracking on it shows it to be "in transit" on 3 October 2017. No records can be traced of any further movement since 3 October 2017. An e-mail I have sent to customer service remains unanswered. Trying to reach the guys by phone proved to be impossible as I was summarily cut off various times after lengthy periods of holding on.
Notably, a second parcel was sent to me from Czechoslovakia that landed on 4 October 2017 at Jhb International Mail Centre (Hub), some 14 days after the first parcel. It went through all the required steps and was received at my local Post Office on 12 October 2017 where I collected it the same day.
How is it possible at all for the second parcel to be delivered at my local post office within 8 days from landing in SA, but for the first parcel to remain stuck for the last ten days at Jhb International Mail Centre (Hub) without any further action or explanation? In addition, why is it impossible to get hold of any responsible person at Jhb International Mail Centre (Hub) to explain what's going on?
This is extremely poor service guys.

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