Afrihost Complaints - Pathetic service from Afrihost

Everybody think twice when getting Afrihost as Internet service provider.
Everything is honky dory until you need help with support.
Pathetic is an understatement. If I were to give them a number between 1-10, I would be complimenting them with a 1.
According to them my datacap was reached when I still had 55 GB left.
Phoning them is at your own costs, no toll-free number here.Cost me R100 in airtime.
Waiting queue is more than 35 minutes, even though the automatic voice service says only 10 minutes.
There clientzone has a "Live Chat" function, only problem is that the departments are always offline.
So if you want them to phone you, you can send them a SMS , well sent them 12 SMS's at around 18h00 and was finally called back at 23h15 when my wife and I had already gone to bed. The voice on the other side started the conversation with, "Did I wake you Sir?"
When I did get the support on the line, I was told that my problem will be escalated.
Escalation means nothing to them. 5 days and counting, and support has still not contacted me.
No let me be very clear about it. Don't bother with them.
I'm canceling my service ASAP.

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