Northdale Hospital (Pietermaritzburg KZN) Complaints - Patients medical File LOST (no answers)

Hi I'm Jade...This morning I took my mum for her Hospital appointment for medication to Northdale Hospital Pietermaritzburg,she is a stroke and heart patient at the MOPD department of nprthdale hospital she also is wheel chair bound and requires our help because of her health and speech.
We waited almost 2½ hours at the ppace where we suppose to receive her medical chart after being told her chart was lost and there was nothing they could do i had to make a new chart..after all that waiting i thought it would be better at MOPD department of the hospital,they told me they cannot assist my mum to see a doctor without her medical history i told them i desperatley need the medication for her they said they cannot allow that yet she was with me watching all of this ..i explained that the chart section lost her chart n they theres nothing they can do and now i get to MOPD and they also cant help me ..they told me go to complaints office in the hospital to file a complaint,when i get to complaints office they to say theres nothing i can do it will take 25,working days to find mums medical file it seemed as if there was no way out and no help to get .who could i speak to ..who can help me ..who can assisst my mother for her medication ..the hospital did not care. I left the hospital taking my mum help and no medication was very upsetting knowing that the chart area is a mess the system is a mess everything there is a.mess ...its not just my mother that i feel sorry for but also the thousands of people from babies to older citizens that have to go through wat we went through today ..people come from far expecting for these people to have answers and to help us when we are sick or need medical help for medication and so on ..believe it or not the medical sector is terrible .There are a few good people out there but the rest are uneducated and savage! But i guess thats the poor system..only.god.knows

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