MTN store in manlyn upstairs Complaints - Paying for a phone that i dont have with me

I got a contract phone from MTN store at manlyn upstairs next to Mr price,after a month the phone had a battery problem then i sent it back to the shop for repair but it then took long for the phone to be repaired.when the phone finally came it had no battery attached to it then i took it back but both the consultants at the reapir centre and MTN refuse to take responsibily for it,Mandisa from retail park(where the phone went for repairs)literally said she wont get in the middle of my problem with MTN when i called her for assistance.Both her her and Met(consultant at MTN)ticked that the fone had a battery on arrival for repairs but to this day this matter fails to be resolved.I called MTN head office to file a complaint with no means of success,they refused to give me the number for the area manager to whom they say i must communicate with.I now find myself paying for a phone that i dont have on monthly basis with MTN failling to assist me....I hope by filling this complaint something will be done in this reagard

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michel Dodo ( on 17/02/14 )

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That is exactly what i have to do is to pay for a phone that i dont have MTN headoffice put the phone down in my ears and MTN vangate mall the most incompetent consultants in this world their number is not even listed MTN in Bellville dont even bother to pick up their about bad service....

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