nedbank personal loan Complaints - payment not allocated after 24 hours

i have been under debt review for the past two years with NDA, and my nedbank personal loan was paid by the debt NDA
until on December when they paid less thinking that the loan is paid up, in January until March 2018 nedbank never notified me about the shortfalls on my personal loan, until in April 26 they decided to debit my bank account taking advantage that I am banking with them, and I called the NDA trying to find out what is happening with my personal loan, they said the will distribute the payment on the 04 of May 2018, of which it was done, and when NDA called Nedbank they said the payment will take 24 hours to be allocated and I can call them to arrange for the refund as the account will be on credit, we forwarded the proof of payment but to my surprise the money from NDA is not yet allocated on my personal loan , today is the 9th may 2018 nedbank is telling me a different story that the money takes 48 hours, what a bad and frustrating service I receive from Nedbank for the second time , so I thought let me raise my concerns now and let others know about its happening.

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