pep golden arce Complaints - phone 4 days old faulty dont want to exhange

Im writing this because I'm highly upset that I got this service, what was said to me when brougth myself a phone from this store, on the 5 of July 2019 got the phone the very first day I let the battery run down and charge it till its full, it manage to get to 100 in 6 hours of charging????? that's not normal, I left it thinking its not a problem now the touch starts freezings on me and the battery discharges without me using it its only kept me 2 hours after being fully charged took the phone back on the 8th thinking like they said they will exchange it within the first 7 days well I will told they will test the phone instore and I must come back 5 then they will tell me if it can be processed now here's the thing why must they test it before they issue me with a other replacement why must I now wait for a new handset are they technicians? I thought CPA allows you to get a new handset if the user finds a fault with it the 7 day period SO I'm at the mercy of the staff that will test it and if the problem don't replicate then they will refuse it? they not qualified to do such assessments on store level? why not just exchange the phone send it to Vodacom let them test it as per the norm process, i know the drill I worked as a Vodacom technical repairs manager why bull**** me I'm a qualified technician all wanted was the phone exchange with the issues they picked up I now have sit with this broken cellphone not working I told the lady I will take to Vodacom to sort out as I know they managers at the repairs your staff is very unfriendly and when I asked for help the women gave me a stare and paused and said she coming now I will never ever buy cellphones at any pep stores because you guys don't adhere to the 7days exchange policy bad service I will not rest here will not recommend anybody or any of my clients to purchase any phone at pep

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