I flished my phone by mistake and some apps were refusing to open as they were greyed out. I went to iStore Mall of Africa as I live nearby. as I walked in a Sales Assistance helped me and I explained I need to see someone to help me with my phone, she said said in future I wouldn't need to come to the store as I can just restart my phone I explained to her that I had tried that but said I need to press both the lower and upper volume buttons on the side and a restart button. my phone wouldn't switch off she kept on pressing these buttons hard and called her colleagues to come do the same thing for too many times I ended up complaining that they would break my phone. Indeed my phone buttons got broken, i went to report to the Manager Christopher who requested i put everything on email, i did write my complaint to him. he would disappear for weeks and when i followed up he would say he is still awaiting feedback from services department.

i waited until he came back with a response that my phone was out of warranty theres nothing he can do and they are adamant that when i got to the store the phone was already broken as it wouldnt break that easily. i requested that he checked the video footage and listen to me saying they should stop pressing too hard as they would break my buttons. he checked the video and confirmed that the lady did press the phone hard and too many times but still it wouldnt break that easily.

mind you i came to the store for software issues and walked away with a broken phone that the store would not take accountability for and my comaplint was why are the sales consultants allowed to do anything on clients phones if they will not account as htey are not trained technicians? I am still upset about my phone

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