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My Vodacom contract was upgraded on the 30th November 2016 to a Red Classic+ package. This included a Samsung S7 Edge. This phone gave me issues since I received and I was not aware of the 7day return policy until the 9th December 2016 when I tried to return the phone to Samsung in Bryanston. What a terrible reception. After I tried to explain that I have the phone for 9 days they insisted that I had no choice but to book in the phone. They will contact me in three working days to collect the phone. On the 15th Dec 2016 I tried to contact them on 0115491600/1601, with no one answering the phone and I had to drive to them only to find out that the phones where not working. When I could not get through to the number they had provided, I tried the call centre number and they requested a job card number. I then realized that they never issued me with a job card number and no name of the tech that booked in the phone. This is also the day that I have discovered that they have only ordered the parts the day before, still with no job card. I have escalated this issue to Deresh Pillay, 084 868 5444, who did the following:
1. Admitted that the team slipped up
2. Gave me the assurance that he will personally take care of the issue and keep me updated, even have the phone delivered to me by Tuesday 20th Dec.
3. He emailed me with a Job card number
4. Apologise for the way in which I was treated.

However, I followed up with a call to him only to find out that he is not in the office. I emailed him and he responded two hours later. I called again today and still have no joy of the phone. Issues are:
1. I have slipped on the 7day return policy and got the bad end from Samsung
2. I have booked my phone in on the 9th Dec, and According to their record, it was only booked in on the 15th.
3. They have admitted that they slipped up, but I have to just deal with their sloppy attitude.
4. I had to call Samsung and spend more than 30 minutes to get to where my phone is.
5. Deresh argued with me on my expense for more than 15 minutes.
6. They have not kept to one of their promises, and yet their is no consequence for their action, keeping in mind they have no my phone since the 9th Dec.
Their delay is costing me money, frustration and total distrust and their product and service.

I am treated like an idiot and want Samsung to keep the device and cancel my contract.

If I have to see a lawyer, I will.

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Reatile Litseho ( on 28/12/16 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

Me and you are going through the same thing. this S7 edge phone seems to be problematic and then they dont give you a loan phone. This is one thing i dont understand about Samsung, how do they let their customers suffer for days on end and not give you a loan phone, surely they have phones. i took mine in on the 17th, only to find that they are ordering parts on the 20th, today is the 28th i sill dont have a phone. i bought mine cash and within a month needed repairs. i havent had a phone for...

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