Thys Greeff Complaints - Poor/NO Service from Vodacom

To whom it may concern

I have been a customer of Vodacom for the past 15 years

I had various contracts – 2 years and renewable with another contract after 2 years

My latest renewal was on the 15th of February; I requested the contract with 350 airtime (You Choose Flexi package) with no data.
My previous contract ran until the 28th of February but Vodacom gave me the new phone to use up till the 28th of February of which the cost will still be on my old contract. The new contract to commence on the 1st of March with 350 airtime

I was on a golf trip and used my phone once a day to contact my wife. On the 11th of March I could not make any calls due to the 350 airtime been exhausted, which was impossible

On the 12th of March I visited the Vodacom branch in Bethlehem and enquired on this; they could not assist me but escalated the matter to JHB (reference number 1/34143740202873)

On the 13th of March I got a message “sms” from Vodacom confirming that my query had been resolved. Later during the day I got another “sms” stating that 150 minutes airtime has been allocated as a “gesture”, I must state that I made it clear to the consultant in Bethlehem whom I visited the afternoon that I do not need any gestures from Vodacom, I want the statements to proof to me where my 350 airtime were used

I again visited Vodacom Bethlehem but they could not assist me to get the details of my statements. As I was on my way to JHB they requested me to visit one of the branches there

On the 16th I went to Vodacom Clearwater where I bought the phone from the consultant by the name of Andre.
The same day when I bought the phone Andre was kind enough to clear all unnecessary apps from the phone; at the same time he picked up an app for games which is taking R10 off daily from the phone which he also deleted. Andre escalated the matter and another reference number was given (1/34146277104837)

On the 19th I received a “sms” from Vodacom stating that my VLIVE subscription is cancelled??
On the 20th I visited Andre (Vodacom Clearwater) again; he confirmed to me that the above query he raised was not attended to
On the 21st I received another “sms” from Vodacom confirming that my VLIFE APM is activated and I can buy bundles?

As from all of the above you can see that all my airtime was used up not by myself but due to their apps which they loaded onto the phone without informing the client. I did not buy any airtime!

When I saw Andre from Vodacom Clearwater on the 16th to clear 1 app form my phone he requested Vodacom to supply me with 310 airtime due no airtime been allocated

Today the 23rd I got another “sms” from Vodacom infoming me to update a Top-up but to date no 350 airtime was received

I have NO TRUST in Vodacom and speaking to my friends this is normal as they also experienced similar problems with Vodacom

I am sorry to say that the knowledge of most of their staff are to say the least poor, and no service exists

I am 9 days without a phone on a brand new contract and I am highly disappointed

I would highly appreciate if you people can assist me; you are more than welcome to contact me should you need more details regarding this unpleasant occurring matter

Below, please find my contact details

Thys Greeff
e-mail: [email protected]
Cell: 0828500853

Kind regards
Thys Greeff

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