Capitec ( Dobsonville Mall ) Complaints - POOR SERVICE

What a bad service i got from Capitec ( Dobsonville Mall ). So Last week Friday my friend and i went to our nearest Capitec to go and open a new account. All we had was an ID copy as well as proof of resident. Now we know that the proof of resident that is required should be in our names however because we do not own accounts we decided to bring our parents latest proof of resident as well as ours. The first gentleman that assisted us was very much helpful and explained to us that we need to get our parents to sign. Now the second one ( Justin ) was just being a pain. He was not interested in what i wanted to say and attended me as if i am somewhat of a slow learner. All the required docs were provided but he was stating his own reasons. I mean really i thought that the reason for these small malls in Soweto would actually help us but no instead we are being taken for granted.

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