Altech Netstar Complaints - Poor service

I have a 3 year contract with Altech for my polo tracker, in July 2018 I was almost hijacked and when I pressed the panic button no one responded, I had called them the following day to complain about the poor service and no one has ever apologised or got it back to me with a clear explanations... carried on and still paid my premium even though I wasn't getting the service, in October same thing happened and no one bother to to explain when I called them to complain, so I stopped paying for the tracker as I was not receiving the services I was paying for... its only now when there are handing my account over that I am getting their calls... please advice.

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MaliskeBadenhorst ( on 13/10/18 )

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I also experienced bad service and will never make use of them again.I stopped paying them and will take it to court if I have to.Their bad service caused a lot of damage to my vehicle and is costing me money.

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