VitalAire Complaints - Poor Service

My late Father became very ill with lung cancer and needed oxygen urgently. On 1 March 2019 VitalAire East London delivered a machine. It did not work calling for a service getting hot and had no pressure. I immediately contacted the agent, who told me to try it again which I did, still did not work. I was promised another machine which never arrived. My father passed away on 5 March 2019 without the oxygen he so desperately needed. I sent the agent message after message, no response. I phoned his boss Colette still no response. I want my 800 rand back as I have had absolutely no use out of the machine. I still have all the sms correspondence on my phone to the agent about the faulty machine. The faulty machine has still not been collected by the rep from my premises. Surely this machine can be repaired and a person who needs oxygen desperately can benefit from the use of the machine. I had to rent oxygen bottles at the Pharmacy for 1050 a day. Yes this is the cost of an oxygen bottle per day, as the oxygen only lasts a couple of hours. I am really dissapointed as this is a vital service you provide. people should take more pride in the work they are doing especially when many people are reliant on good service from VitalAire.

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