ABSA Bank Complaints - Poor Service

On 9/4/19 I lodged a claim at ABSA Insurance company for my swimming pool's pool pump that packed up. It does not have any pressure of suction. To eliminate a few errors, we disconnected the pump and had it tested. We got told that the pump is "finished" by 2 different individuals who tested it. The assesor came to my house on 12/4/19. I heared nothing from ABSA until I phoned on 24/4/19 to ask what is happening with my claim. I got told that someone will phone me withing a day or 2. I then got told that my claim was unsuccessful because it is wear and tear. This pool pump was installed in Dec 2016 by a company that ABSA chose. The previous pump was hit by lightning, therefore it was replaced. Since this company replaced the pool pump, it never functioned 100%, and it was reported to the bank in January 2017. Our pool pump is still under warranty as all pool pumps have a 3 year warranty. And with the water restrictions we had since mid 2016, the pump dit not even work all the time as the swimming pool's water levels were too low to rum the pump. if I did not contact the bank,I wonder if they would have bothered to even let me know about the "unsucsessful" claim.

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