FNB Complaints - Poor service

I contacted FNB to get direction on how to proceed to close my Credit Card account. I did what I was requested to do and two days later called back because they had not responded as promised.
On this occasion I was requested to send a mail to [email protected] on 19 July at 10h35. Again I received no response.
On 24 July I called at 10h25, and was promised that within 24 - 48 hours I would have written confirmation of the closure of the account as well as someone who would contact me to pay me back the credit in my account. Reference Rx19072436864
Needless to say, I called a few moments ago because the deadline had come and gone with no joy. A very rude lady told me it was actually 3 days and even then the deadline was missed as it expired at 10h25, no?
They asked me to access my account, which I cannot because it was closed? So then I was asked some very strange questions such as when last did I withdraw money from that account. Who walks around with information like that in their heads??? Now I have to go into a branch - really???

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