MTN Complaints - POOR service

i ahd done an upgradment on my cell phone and the sale person put in the wrong bank details on the new contract which caused the installment not to be taken out of my account i then went to a branch which was pavillion which they they said i did not pay my account and was unable to assist ,i then went to scotsburgh they gave me bank details for MTN to pay my account which i did on the 06/12/2011 ;after 1 week i went to pavillian again as the lines was not still connected ;MTN then reconnected one line which was my wifes and still did not connect mine i phoned the call centre which gave me no help as i also asked to speak to managment or a supervisor which the consultant refused ,i then went to MTN on the Bluff on the 18/12/2011 spoke to a sales person who said there was a technical error and the phone will be reconnected within 24hrs which up to now has not happenned .MTN does not care about their custommers and their staff dont give a dam and mke promises which they do not follow up .

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[email protected] ( on 20/12/18 )

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Service is very poor

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