Private Home Complaints - Poor Service by Cell C Service Provider for Vumatel Home Fibre

Home Fibre was affected by bad weather in Gauteng over the Easter Weekend. Customer logged call on Tuesday 23rd April. Customer follwed up as Cell C supprt as Cell C was suppose to contact customer wihtin 24/48 Hrs. The two reference numbers sent to customer cell phone by Cell C, was not visible on their systems when I called at 19H45 tonight (25th April 2019). The Cell C employee, did THEN identify the case via my ID number. However the reference numbers sent to my phone from Cell C ( 9042300245 & 9042302690) did not correpsond with the refrence number the employee was able to see on the cell C systems. a Third reference number was sent tonigh to my phone (9042502593). I am seriously unhappy wiht Cell C as servce provider. The best part is, when I took out the Fibre contract is was with IConnect - Vumatel. Cell C took over from I Connect, as a customer I am now bullied into dealing with very poor service by Cell C. I did write a mail on Tuesday cancelling my contract with Cell C. I have not received a response email from Cell C. The fustration is, if Cell C dont ackonwledge receipt of my cancellation email, and follow through on my cancellation request , I will be unable to mirgate the Vumatel Fibre to a new service provider. I am looking to join Cool Ideas, Cool Ideas confirmed, they are unable to assit me, unless Cell C Service provider acknolwedge my cancellation. We experienced the same scenarion about six weeks ago. It took two weeks for Cell C to resolve the connectivity issue. As immediate: the connectivity needs to be restored for the cancellation month AND the receipt of cancellation needs to be acknowledge, as the month of May is the cancellation month. In the next 48 hours another compliant will be made know, should the service not be restored by Cell C Service

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