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Huawei - Bad Service
On 6 October 2018 at 13:02, we booked in a mobile phone at the Huawei Service Centre in Canal Walk. A quotation was mailed to me on 7 October 2018 at 15:05. The signed quotation was sent back to [email protected] on 9 Octobe 2018 at 9:34.The email contained very specific questions around payment. By Friday, 12 Ocotber 2018, I had not received feedback from Huawei. I called the contact centre at 17:22 on this day, and engaged with Lerato. According to him, the status of my 'job' was that the quotation had been executed - no authorization from customer as yet. I advised that i had sent off the signed quotation.Lerato advised that my query would be escalated to a Supervisor who would call be back, but onyl on Monday - I logged my call too late on Friday for a supervisor to now call me back, and they were not going to call me on Saturday.

So, let this simmer for a couple of days. I called back this morning - after no feedback was received since my first call. I speak to Sam at 09:37 who conveys exactly the same story that Lerato did last week Friday. And even after i tell him that i have re-sent the signed quotation, Sam is adamant that the status of my 'job' has not changed. He too is going to escalate this, and when i asked if a supervisor can call me back by midday today - he advised that it's not possble but he will try - really????

After explaining to him more than once how long I have been waiting for feedback, how no one is responding to my mails - he then says to me that the job is not worked on because i haven't paid. First time ever someone mentions payment before working on Job. So the more i am saying to him these are questions i asked in my mail, no one has responded to any of my questions - how then do i pay when no one has confimed authorization of quote (after it was sent twice), and if a supervisor cannot even take the time to attend to your query.

I asked him if he would pay under such circumstances, to which he responded "No.....".

Huawei - great advertisement of what your product offers, but the worst after sales service i have ever experienced. I would certainly not purchase a product from you, neither would i recommend any one else to purchase a product from you.

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