Mobile Plus Complaints - Poor Service delivery

I am very disappointed due to their service I got from mobile Plus ,I only agreed to take only Huawei Y5 Lite on MY MTNCHOICE Flexi R55 @ R99 x 24 (2019665 CT 00264)
I dnt understand who added some of the things that I did not authorise such as (Phone Protect Plus TechTrace TCH PhoneBox SOS Squad) and My Debt with WiFi and Life )I told the to cancel the rest of which they did that yesterday, today they debited me 139+ 99 for the things that was cancelled ,that I did not even authorised ,I called them this morning asking why am being debited were else I did not receive the phone, and beside as per telephonically discussion the debit order was supposed to take place month end of 25August 2019 prorated, now I have to do a reversal for what they did of which the bank is going to charge me a fee per reversal,when I ask them when are they going to deliver the phone the told they still busy with the contract awaiting for approval.. to me it doesn't make sense because they have already debited my account,i I have send them emails to contact me back even now am still waiting

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