First National Bank Complaints - Poor Service from a Private Banker / Bank

Hi my name is Happy Malindi

I’ve raised my frustration in numerous occasions with the FNB Bank through careline, and logging complain through their online (Ref 1946709) it’s almost three weeks and still hasn’t received any feedback reading my problem, my private banker
(email: [email protected])
I am not sure why is Bank is taking so long to resolve my problem of getting me another private banker. I feel I am paying a lot of money for the services I got enjoy or receiving. I can't go to the branch because of the type of banking, I don’t see why I shouldn’t join another bank. My reference to the call is Rp19092044866, I got on the 20 Sept from one of the consultants.

I've been with this bank since 1997, when I was a engineer student.

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