Standard Bank Complaints - Poor service in obtaining a bond

Basically the bank promised me an 80% lone and stated I qualified for it on day one after 30 days instead of their 10 day policy they had still not got back to me, after hounding them I got a message received from the bank on my e mail they deleted all my documents without opening, I once again sent the documents and they said they never received my e mail, which was a lie as I received a notice that they deleted the mail. Calling the call center was pathetic every time I called they said they elevated the matter but never got back to me. I eventually threatened to close my accounts and a women called me and said I was missing documents I re sent her all the document and she proceeded to send me a mail, after many attempts to call her and e mailing her, that she now needs additional info but the bond is granted as I requested. She never informed me on what additional info they needed and never called back, so the Remax lady gave me another person in the bank to contact, this lady assisted me to get the right form submitted. After hounding them and asking for the status as we were approaching 50 days, I threatened the bank once again that I was going to take all my business from the bank as I have 3 accounts with the bank once being my business account (though the last year more than 3.5 million rand has been through that account) and they then sent me a mail to tell me my bond had been granted, in the interim I sent them all the mails from the developers and the layers stating that if I do not send them the guarantee I will loose my property)outlining the urgency of this matter but still no attempt was made to do their job. I one again had to threaten to take my business away from the bank, to get a letter from them to say I have the bond. The first 2 letters they sent me were blank. I asked for a new ones and no response. then someone finally responded stating this is not acceptable and will correct it but no new letter for a week so I once again had to threaten taking my business away and they then sent the competed one. But now the value is incorrect (52% bond no mention was made of this previously),

HOw much abuse can one person take and how incompetent can Standard Bank be that their service and their attitude to assisting their clients is so pathetic, I have paid my property cash now and am letting every one know don't use Standard bank if you would like a good service bank as they are beyond pathetic.

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