TELKOM approached us to switch over to their new system. They are moving away from land lines due to the copper theft in our country. I have two lines i.e. one private (012 542 2965) and a business line 012 542 2998. They promised that the service will be cheaper and more enhanced and that free minutes will still apply. On the 012 542 2965 line I had an ADSL service as well as a telephone line. The promise was that it will still be the case.
There is no telephone line on 0125422965 and we were informed very impolitely "THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE A TELEPHONE ON THAT LINE!". The 012 542 2998 line is working but we can never make a call without an interruption. The line goes dead! This happens time and time and time again! We are paying for services but TELKOM does not deliver! When we called into their branch we were shunned and told to visit the Website of TELKOM. We did several times without success and without progress. The new system as well as TELKOM service ARE a waste of time!

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