Clicks Direct Medicens Complaints - Poor Service rendered by Click Direct Medicines

Could somebody please help me. My Mother receives her medication via Clicks Direct Medicines. Up to March this year service from this Company was standard. Since April 2017 the service is up no good to any person who receives their medication through them. My Mother usually received her medication by the 22 of each month. It started that my Mother doesn't receive her Chronic medication in time it finished. Last week on 08-08-2017 I Phoned and asked when my mom is going to received her medication the person said it will be dispatched on Friday the 11/08/2017. I asked the lady why will it only be dispatched on Friday if the medication were already claimed on 22-07-2017 at the medical aid. Today its 18-08-2017 and she still haven't received the medication. We can not go to any chemist for the medication because Clicks Medicine Direct already claimed the medication which she haven't received, if she wants the medication she must pay cash for the it.

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MJB ( on 30/08/17 )

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Please see my complaint about Clicks/Direct Medicines posted today. I agree wholeheartedly. Something has gone wrong with the company! My advice: start using your local pharmacy.

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