On AIr TV Complaints - Poor service/Unfair treatment

I took a contract with On Ait TV and was promised as part of the deal an installer would be sent. The units were delivered, but no installer ever came despite several follow-ups and promises. I continued to pay the bill for a while hoping that at some point an installer would be sent until I phoned them and told them I would stop paying and was cancelling the contract. They said they would send a courier to collect their stuff and they again never sent anyone. Some time letter I started receiving warnings from their lawyers. I wrote to the lawyers and gave them the details and they stopped writing. Some time later I received warnings from another company called MBD. I again responded to them and gave them the full story. However they keep sending me letters of demand and now I discover they have handed me over to TCC despite the conversations with their online callers (which they say is recorded by the way). This is unfair treatment of genuine customers who are cheated by these online callers.

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