netflorist Complaints - poor servicer

He(Jerome) advised that the goods will be dispatched at 12:30 I than advised that my husband
Will be leaving early he advised it will be done before husbands leaves work as Netflorist Priorities work addresses.

I than called again at 14:00 and advised an agent again that time is essential, I than left work called
Netflorist again at 15:30 and ALL the agents could say is that the order is ready for delivery
No-one could advise me of the whereabout of the goods--- nevertheless than Lekenya Dickson comes to the
Phone and also advises me that its out for delivery , NO additional efforts OR we will try and speed it up or or or or,
Husband than leaves work no delivery to my surprise Netflorist called at 15:50 “hi Mam Brodwyn is not at work can we delivery tomorrow morning, Im like No just leave everything”
Im like geeeeeeeeeeze guys I called you guys numerous occasions advising you that my husband is leaving early BUT you guys couldn’t give me proper information
Monique le Roux supposedly a manager could not calm the situation, she refers me to the Ts&Cs im like excuse me but do you know all the banks terms and conditions shes like no im like so all the calls I made why did not one of the agents advise me that a delivery is not guaranteed …. ALL I can say is lets switch roles and you (netflorist) ordered something for a loved one on their birthday and the order was Not delivered how would you guys feel…. And what would your reaction be

In awwwwe client
Work number 0877368459

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