Telkom Complaints - Prepaid services suspended

Whom it may conern,

I am the owner of this landline at 8 Van Der Sterr Road, Rhodesfield, X1, KEMPTON PARK, 1619.

I had this no for may years. I have changed it to a prepaid and had good service from Telkom all these years, until March 2018.

Now I want to start my conerns and complains.

I received an SMS and later a call from Telkom in March 2018, informing me that I quialify for a wireless phone. I was so impressed and the lady told me that I must wait for another call as soon as they want to deliver the phone, to be able to get me to sign for it. I told them that my children is residing there and need urgently a phone (landline) for emergencies and even provide them with the cell numbers to contact when they will come and deliver the phone! They only need to show my municipal account and letter of my approval to receive it on my behalf as I have moved to KZN.
I informed them that the line is inactive and that someone from Telkom needs to come to my house to check what is the fault for not be able to make or received calls. I was told that it should not be a problem as the wireless phone willl change that! This was followed with an SMS which only indicates that I must call the 0800 253 263 number should I have any questions.

About 5 months later I received another call from Telkom (Aug 2018) notifying me once again that I qualify for a wireless phone. I was upset with the caller as I said I am still awaiting for the phone to be delivered. Once again I received an apology over the phone and again I was told that the area is not yet changed to the wireless option as yet. Every time I received SMS's which only indicates that I must call the 0800 253 263 number should I have any questions.

Nothing happened. In April 2019, I decided to follow up on thisI I spoke to Parent, Still the same news.
In May 2019 I made another call. "Tollerence" said the same but also could not help!

Then suddenly a different SMS on 08/07/2019 came through, notifying me that the copper cables serviscs end 31/07/2019. i made a call and Awiwe just informs me that my phone was ceased but can't say why.
On 09/07/2019 I phone again and Thuli nor Tass could assist. I was referred to 10213
I was send back to 0800 253 263 number of which Yolanda Zakhe assisted me nicely. She could manage to uplift the suspension on my landline after she herd my whole story since 2018.
She asid the line will be active within 5 working days.
She asked me to follow up within 3 to 4 weeks for the phone to be delivered. I emphysized that I cannot check the line as it needs a technician to check the line still. It should not be a concern as this will be sorted once the wireless phone -once activated- will cancel out the problem. Then she puts me through to the Finance department, who has informed me that the line is active and that I had still R190.20 in the account.

I once again followed up on the 18 July 2019 Ntlantla confirms the number is active to be transferred. So now I was so happy to hear the good news, and informs my daughter she will receive any day now a call from someone who will informs her when the phone will be delivered.

Today, I decided to followed up to what is the progress to the delivery of the phone, when "Menthle" at the 10213 no informs me that my line was deactivated on the 05/06/2019??. I had to explain the whole story again, but she could not help.

She could only assist with this email address to lodge a complain.

I even tried again the 0800 253 263 number of which Lungile just explain I need to continue now with the email as she cannot speak on behalf of someone else.

I would like to know who authorised to block/cease my landline without my approval?

I aslo would like to emphysize that the number 011 975 8449 as prepaid account must stay in my name and to be reopened.

I am not interested in getting a new account or number!.

After all the above, I hope we will get now somewhere and that the wireless phone will be of my benefit still without additional costs

Await your urgent written reply.

Kind regards
Trudy Vorndran

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